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I'm so happy you are here, and I am super excited to tell you a little bit about me and why I do what I do. I really love connecting with people in a deeper level, inspiring them to create in a way they get more freedom, magic and fun in their life!

I am originally from Mexico City now living in Canada.
I’m a mom, wife, artist, entrepreneur, designer, and unshakable optimist.

Art and design are what makes me breathe with a different kind of happiness. They are my medium to speak words I can’t explain, it’s freedom. Living a creative life enables me to express things most people can’t see at first.

I have a lot of memories of me playing with crayons, enjoying how crisp the line of marker can be on a white piece of paper, loved my pencil colours and how I could create a gradient just by organizing them (I could get lost just looking at them), loved my colouring books and from there I just kept exploring whatever I could I could get my hands on. I have always loved creating I think it started by creating birthday cards for my parents, sister and friends.

Being able to use my hands inspires me to keep putting my imagination to work, I like to paint and spend a lot of time doing art. For me, it's about listening to yourself and putting it out there as art. It's therapy.

I have a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design and for most of my life, that was my world.
At the end of 2016 lettering kept jumping at me. I have always love typography and admire people that do lettering, so I started practicing. People started seeing my work and inquiring if I would make custom quotes so I started doing some commissions.

I pulled out some more tools that my hubby got me for Christmas; a watercolour pan-set, some brushes and markers and started practicing some lettering mixed with splashes of colour while my 5-year-old twins at that time, play around me.
It felt so good to be holding a brush and getting lost in the paper with all those colours, I have forgotten the feeling and how to use the medium, but that didn’t stop me. I started practicing adding some water and colour on the paper, mark making, just enjoying what the unexpected will bring.
One day I did a Cherry Blossom painting and shared my process on social media. Very quickly after I posted it, my gorgeous friend, Valarie asked if she could purchase it. And at that moment I dared hope that my ultimate dream of being an artist and sharing my vision was realized. I have now transitioned into my new life and I would love nothing more than to create something for you.   
If you are interested on buying some art prints you can contact me directly or visit my Etsy Shop or if you want some home decor designed by me using my watercolour art you can visit my Society6
If you are interested in an original watercolour please fill up the form below, I would love to work with you :)
Thank you!
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