Bruiser "The Rottie"
I got commissioned to do a pet portrait of this little no so little guy. I love painting from stories and here is his!

Good friends of my husbands family had a litter of rotties. Didn't realize how hard it was to pick one when they’re all the same colour and markings. Needless to say, we wanted an outgoing female but this big male pup with an infected eye kept sitting between my husbands feet. With his siblings playing tug of war with rope, he grabbed the middle and towed them around. Instantly his name was Bruiser and he picked us to come home. He absolutely adored Chelsea. The 2 of them would chase one another and play all day. He loved swimming, he was a crocodile in water. He was the biggest lap dog and loved being brushed and having his nails clipped. And did he love to sing (howl), Especially happy bday. He also enjoyed camping, trail riding and chomping on a bone by the fire (dental appointment). And he had the wiggliest butt, even u were only gone 5 min. And if he got in trouble (rare) he would leap and frolik around. It was just too cute to see a 130lb rottie do that, that u couldn't stay mad at him anymore.
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