As twin sisters, Tonya and Tosha have had a lifetime together to streamline and optimize their communication abilities. They also happen to work together in complementary industries and have been very effective at what they do.

Tonya ran a contract renovation company for years and did so very successfully despite “Being a Girl”. She decided she was going to challenge the status quo of women working in the construction business and did so successfully for 5 years.

Tosha worked oil & gas for 9 years. Her first entrepreneurial gig was making jewelry growing up. She was the fastest to complete the mortgage/broker program inside her team...ever.
Their experience has them be really clear what works and what doesn’t, resulting in fewer delays and a higher success rate in the business.

Comfortable. Accomplished. Growth.
Both Tosha and Tonya believe strongly in personal development and know it takes an insane amount of action to get what you want in life. They also know that it’s all about the relationships.

Their entire practice is relationship driven and they are here to help their clients first and foremost. The experience is always productive and fun. They look to uncover the core of what’s important and really matters to their clients while guiding them through all the necessary steps to help them reach their dream milestones.  

What you see is what you get. Period. We’re talking ball games, beer, and zero pressure. You can't help but fall in love with these two.

Create a brand experience that left people feeling appreciated in life and in business.

  · Separate themselves inside an oversaturated market.
  · Uncover what it takes to build a brand and then create a foundation that allowed their   
    brand to grow and evolve.
  · Create a unique brand identity system.
  · Develop a website that integrated with their MLS service and was easy(ish) for them to
  · Create a framework for consistency.

The primary objective for Tosha and Tonya is to help new buyers find and own their homes. One that fits their needs and their budget.
Their visual identity is powerful, bold yet calming. It’s current, fun + charming. And captures the dynamic balance and energy between Tosha + Tonya.
The focus is on getting related to Tosha and Tonya. It’s about connection and being connected, sharing what’s possible and getting to be part of an experience that’s fun and memorable.
The digital experience
David and Maya were referred to us from a colleague in our industry in the summer of 2015.

Rivitt’s creative process and exploration sessions helped us find the look and feel of our Brand now known as Twins, Real Estate Professionals, aka, TwinsREP. Because of the work we did together, we have a Branded image that stands out from the crowd that gets A LOT of attention wherever it's seen.

Having worked so closely with them, David and Maya became more than just our branding agents, they became friends. Having a core part of our brand manifest inside of this work makes it that much stronger.
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